Stone Soup Magazine
July/August 2007

Greyhound Park

Cassie wants to win the race for Susan


Since the day Natalie was born, she and Juju have been close


Can the healer save Esperanza's life?

Haunted Mansion

Lyla sees a ghostly figure in the window of the old mansion


On a road trip with her dad, Danielle rethinks the past

Ellie’s Market

Change is a part of life

When the World Becomes a Flame

A Boy Scout hike turns scary when the boys spot a forest fire

If at First You Don’t Succeed, Try, Try Again

Izzy realizes how much she loves running

Night Flight

William must keep his horse's magic powers a secret

The Sea’s Hug

For Grandma

Domenic’s War: A Story of the Battle of Monte Cassino

Numbering All the Bones

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