Winter is the grain of sand in an hourglass falling from one end into the other, but not at either. Winter is the dark god dressed in black coming to clasp his tight, choking hands on a blade of grass or a maple leaf. Winter, in Michigan, is snow. And thus it snowed. Blinding whiteness [...]

No Mercy

In school, kids are always hearing horror stories about teachers, principals, custodians, and lunch ladies, but what about bus drivers? Back in 1999 Edd Phoenix lived three days he would never forget. School had only been in session two months when Edd's regular bus driver, Mr. Huffler, announced one Monday afternoon that he would be [...]


It was early in the morning with a nip in the air when my dad and I went canoeing. We were on Boot Lake at Half Moon Trail Resort, going canoeing to see the beaver and any other morning animals. When we were walking down to the canoe everything was calm. I felt peaceful. Fog [...]


Heather and her dad share a peaceful morning

A Sour Note

PART ONE: A SOUR NOTE   he air was hot and still, like a warm fuzzy blanket that dulled the senses, making everyone pleasantly sleepy. Even bees veered off their straight course and hummed in lazy loops. The air was thick with pollen; but that was not why Sandy sniffled. She ran up her apartment [...]


The full moon shone lazily through the drifting night clouds, casting barely any light on the boarded warehouses slumping along the empty streets. Through the dank alleys, an ebony shadow slipped unperturbed, defining the true meaning of discreet. For the skinny, jet-black cat, this was high hunting time. Any vermin she saw or heard she [...]

Forget Me Not

For most of my life, I have not had any pets. My brother and I are allergic to anything with fur. Then one spring, we found our first praying mantis, which changed our lives forever. For several more summers, we enjoyed playing with these unique creatures. One particular summer, a new batch of baby praying [...]

The Clown Who Found a Frown

Mikon smoothed on the creamy white paint. It was cool to the touch, and felt like powder on his cheeks when it dried. Giving a smile in the mirror, he squirted red paint onto his palette. Ever so carefully he picked up his brush and began to paint a thin line around his mouth, nose [...]

Asleep At Last

Nails piercing my brain Glass shattering around me Metal crunching, smashing together Crying all around me Screeching, Screaming Howling, Wailing, Weeping It seems like a hundred years have passed Just when you are about to blow a gasket The baby falls asleep We shut off the phone Take off our shoes We talk in sign [...]

A Greater Goode

A Greater Goode by Amy Schor Ferris; Houghton Mifflin Company: Boston, 2002; $15 Author Amy Schor Ferris's latest story, A Greater Goode, is a touching novel about Addie Goode, a twelve-year-old, and her experience of friendships and the role that those friendships play in her growing up. The story is written from Addie's point of [...]

Camellia the Bald

Camellia the Bald by E. W. Zrudlo; Coastal Carolina Press: Wilmington, North Carolina, 2001; $9.95 If someone asks Jon o'Gates a question, he usually talks too much and tends to digress, which means he gives unnecessary information and gets off the subject a lot. Jon o'Gates is a character in a fascinating book called Camellia [...]