The Kingdom of Stones

Even as a young child, I had an inclination to watch people. Not in a bad way; I didn't gossip or be judgmental, I just observed. The ways of people interested me greatly. When I was about six, a new family, the Burkes, moved in beside mine. Just watching them carry their things into the [...]

A Beautiful Memory

This Saturday morning I slept in. I knew I didn't have to get up for anything except a tennis lesson at one o'clock. When I finally rolled out of bed at eleven, I stumbled downstairs to get breakfast. Today it was hard-boiled eggs and toast. I ate thankfully, for I was hungry, as I often [...]

Red Comet

The soaring red sparkler flew over my head with clouds chasing behind. I gazed up and pondered what it would be like sitting in the Red Comet, wind rushing at your face, an old greasy leather cap on, with goggles bigger than your eyes, and you're just looking ahead feeling so free. My granddad landed [...]

Piccadilly Dreams

I walked through the aisle of a stable called Danbury Farms. It had once been well known to everybody in this county who jumped, a place where young jumpers dreamed of riding. However, the farm had fallen on hard times. The manager had moved to England to be with his girlfriend, and the farm had [...]

A Shaken Garden

Glynis Hyatt walked blindly down the street. Fragments of shrapnel crunched under her shoes. Glass mixed, making mosaics with the rubble on the ground. The smell of smoke littered the air, thick and foul-smelling. The reality of war had hit at full blast, and many people were still in shock. The surprise bombings had caused [...]

The Color of Honor

CHAPTER ONE   yron Jones parked his beat-up, old, black Chevy in the driveway and stared at the house in front of him. All of his hopes and dreams lay before him in this green house with the pale yellow shutters. "This is what I have been working for," he said to himself, "my own [...]

Rider’s Paradise

The smell of newly cut wafted in through open windows. A grain bucket clanged against a stall door like a dull church bell. A black, velvety nose pressed against the bars of a stall and sweet-smelling grain dribbled from whiskered lips. A bay horse came down the aisle, her hooves tapping a tune on the [...]

I Ripped It

I remember Once By mistake I ripped a map It was on my kitchen table And I was looking for you Buildings were split in half . . . And my road Led to yours Wouldn't that be great If it were real? I'd rip a map And I'd be right next To you, again [...]

Morning Walk

The acorn woodpecker's Thump on the tree And the owl's hidden hoot Fill my ears as I walk Through forest on a Sun-filled morning Canadian geese calls Sound like laughter As they fly into the Lake with a splash And swim peacefully One after the other Manzanita trees and bushes Are a deep red-brown Covered [...]

The Sight

The Sight by David Clement-Davies; Dutton Books: New York, 2002; $21.99 When I sat down to read The Sight, I was expecting a predictable good-against-evil, weak-against-strong, love-against-hate type story. Boy, was I wrong. As a writer, I find the greatest challenge in writing stories is developing a plot that is unpredictable, unique, and fraught with [...]

Alia Waking

Alia Waking by Laura Williams McCaffrey; Clarion Books: New York, 2003; $15 Your lifelong dream dangles before your eyes. You reach for it and almost grasp it, but alas, you still have to watch the baby for your mother and scrub the floors. If there's extra time in between chores, you might find an opportunity [...]