Stone Soup Magazine
March/April 2007


Crossing the finish line, Margaret is flying without wings


Adanma is overjoyed when she holds her newborn brother

The Strawberry Olympics

Two 13-year-olds have a blast in their own world of silly fun

Diamond Sky

Nature has never been more beautiful than it is on Ski Day

A Hidden Love

Kirsten doesn't tell her parents she is working at the animal shelter


An enthusiastic younger rider gets on Isabelle's nerves

A Long Way from Home

Katie's grandma sends her on a mysterious mission in Iceland

In My Eyes

Will Rachel and her mother escape from slavery to freedom?

The Faerie Circle

Midnight, full moon, ring of daisies—magic is in the air!

The Canal Towpath Near Sand Island on a September Afternoon


Good Fortune, My Journey to Gold Mountain

Project Mulberry

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