The Tale of the Strange Nobleman

  Once upon a time, there lived a beautiful noble lady whose name was Thione. She was loved and cherished by all of her people, and her wisdom was prized for miles around. Her husband also was a brave and noble man, and loved by his people just as much as his wife. His name [...]

A Faraway Place

Click here to link to a reading of the story by its author, Emmy J. X. Wong. Nan stared directly into the gray fog, letting the present day obliterate into the cold ethereal wetness. Standing defiantly on the pitching deck of the fast ferry, the Flying Cloud, which had left Hyannis only one hour earlier, [...]

Memories of Moon

When the wind mows on a funeral, it cries with the heartbroken. It mourns with the tearful. It drops bright leaf handkerchiefs from its shaking fingers. When the wind watches as a coffin is lowered into the ground, it bows its gray head in sorrow. And even as the last regretful people get into their [...]

The Final Race

The racetrack is filled to bursting with clamoring people. Heady aromas of buttery popcorn and sticky cotton candy fill the air. Rose and I stand apart from the other horses. They mill around like ants on an anthill. My mouth is as dry as a desert. This will be the last race I ride with [...]

Voice of Sorrow, Voice of Joy

It was late afternoon on a humid Thursday in June. The air seemed to wrap everything on Long Island up in a sticky, sweaty bundle, even despite being near the ocean. The heat certainly didn't help my already sweaty palms and flip-flopping stomach that made me think of a beached cod. Ugh! New York City [...]

The Nickname Game

Rain and warm mist stick to the windowsills. My face is leaning towards light, pressed against glass. It's a sun shower. Always such an unnerving thing, as most adults put it. I think we need more of these sun showers in life. It's too rare a moment to pass up, and it brings such joy. [...]


Dust particles danced in the shafts of moonlight that filtered through the holes in the barn roof. The sight wasn't much, just a regular old barn, but the sounds, ah, the sounds were special. Galileo, the owl, hooted from the rafters of the old building. Bella, the foal, shuffled restlessly in her stall, while Sugar, [...]

Early Spring

The ice and snow are almost melted, Winter's biting cold has mellowed, Mountains brown and bare for so long, Show an almost imperceptible haze of green. The sky is the delicate shade of thrushes' eggs Soon to be laid in a nest of mud and twigs. A mole furrows the earth's brow with his tunneling, [...]

The Lonely Star

The rustle of rough leaves awakens me from my rest And I gaze up at a dark sky as vast as the sea And laugh as the stars tumble into my hair "How green your leaves are!" the stars whisper in my hair. "How bright with happiness you are," I sigh. "No. The sky is [...]

Travel Team

Travel Team by Mike Lupica; Penguin Young Readers Group: New York, 2004; $16.99 Hello, I’m Zach Hoffman and I'm twelve years old. I'm going into the seventh grade and I love to read and play sports. I like reading books in which kids play sports with their friends and teach you lessons on confidence, pride, [...]

Hurt Go Happy

Hurt Go Happy by Ginny Rorby; Starscape: New York, 2007; $5.99 I can’t imagine what life would be like if everyday sounds, such as the voices of my friends and family, weren't included. I'd need to read their lips or communicate in sign language with them, which would have to be tough. Joanne "Joey" Willis, [...]