Stone Soup Magazine
November/December 2007

Shepherd of Stonehenge

Sam doesn't think his uncle's plan will succeed

School Daze

Oh no! Samantha's going to be late for school!

The Black Cat

A brave doctor risks his career to help two runaway slaves


Cura and her parents aren't close, until Whisper comes along

Trek to the Peak

A peaceful hike turns deadly when an avalanche strikes

A Calf for Christmas

Max helps his dad and the vet deliver a calf

We’re Moving

It helps to know someone else is going through the same thing

The Opposite Direction

Choir of Autumn’s End


I walk through the silent pasture to the tree swing. I sit down and start to swing. I close my eyes and fall into a silent sleep. When I open my eyes I see the ground is littered with leaves, acorns and plants of all kinds. I sit listening to the wind roar. I am...

The Green Glass Sea

Dark Water Rising

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