Flynn Cadara looked up at the sky. It was getting dark. He knew that he needed to head back to the cabin. It would be dinnertime undeniably, and he didn’t want to miss it. “Tam!” Flynn called out. A large, wolf-like dog appeared, heading toward Flynn at a slow trot. “It’s time to head [...]


Zambia sat in a rare patch of green grass, surrounded by the tall yellow straw-like plants that made up the African savanna, her homeland. This was her place. She came here to be alone with her thoughts and escape life’s anxieties. A feeling of peacefulness washed over her every time she lay down there. She’d [...]

Stille Nacht A World War I Christmas

CHRISTMAS EVE, 1967 ISLINGTON, LONDON, ENGLAND Old Tom Foxley sat in his living room by the fireplace hearth, the logs of the fire burning brightly. His dog, Mack, lay next to his armchair, like a pile of laundry, his shadow flickering on the wall behind him. The warmth of the fire was the only warmth [...]

Irah, the Princess

She is leaning against the school sign that reads “Half- Day Friday!” Her brown hair comes only to her chin. In her hand she carries a plain, brown book. I have never seen her before, but I know at once she is my friend. “Kara, don’t forget your lunch bag,” my mother says from the [...]

Bowl of Strawberries

Jacky kept a steady pace, enjoying the scenery around his neighborhood. His old, worn sneakers kissed the asphalt every time he took a stride. The sun was out, and clouds scattered the sky like the stuffing from a ripped pillow. Jack felt his heart pound in line with his breathing. His legs slowly relaxed as [...]

Silence Is Golden

Every day, when I arrive home, I step off the bus after chatting loudly with my friends. The bus engine roars, and the passengers’ voices swell, and then the wheels begin to turn. And I watch over my shoulder as I walk up the drive. The bus shrinks in size as it trundles down the [...]

One Night in Autumn

The wind Is blowing strongly into my face. It feels good. I close my eyes and lie back In the wet grass. It is dark out and everyone else is sleeping. Everyone but me. It’s a nice feeling, being alone Out here. Ticktock. I hear the sounds of my watch, Every second, every minute. Why [...]

Louisiana’s Song

Louisiana’s Song, by Kerry Madden; Viking Children’s Books: New York, 2007; $16.99 “We just keep walking but going nowhere.” This statement, spoken by Livy Two, the main character in Louisiana’s Song, explains the children’s difficulty in reconnecting to their father after his car accident. The car accident leaves him without any memory of his family [...]

Red Moon at Sharpsburg

Red Moon at Sharpsburg, by Rosemary Wells; Viking Children’s Books: New York, 2007; $16.99 When I first glanced at the cover of Red Moon at Sharpsburg, by Rosemary Wells, the rich hues and hypnotic detail drew me in. A fire bursts out of the sunset as a young girl and two men look on, entranced. [...]

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