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I remember the first time I sat down in a room different from the room where I’d grown up, in my parents’ house, and said, “This is home.” I was in college, and it was a strange feeling—to feel at home away from home. What is home anyway? Is it a planet, a city, a [...]

Editor’s Note


A Great Community

  We were at the airport. We were there for a good reason. To go to America. My dad had stayed in America for two years.The reason for this was to get a job and be able to take me and Grandma Nicole there to live. But while he was there, the stock markets crashed [...]


“Cousins!” I hear a little voice call. Two small, sticky hands wrap themselves around my legs. I see two shining blue eyes beaming up at me. “Pauline!” I turn around to see Uncle Brendan and Aunt Kathy striding toward me, warm smiles spread across their faces. I hug my uncle, and immediately I inhale the [...]


Pauline basks in the familiar smells, sounds, and sights of home

A Child’s Memoir

The sky’s vibrant gray was an embodiment of metallic hues colliding. Smothering the arid landscape like a hazy hand. The shrill, choppy thrilling of the desert songbirds forewarned of night’s arrival. It would soon engulf the soothing ash-stricken contour in its obsidian abyss. A boy treaded through the sandy asphalt of the neighborhood, shoes clomping [...]

The Blue Planet

Captain Vistyz Stausk paced the command center of her ship. It had been her father’s ship, but he had passed onto the next multiverse a Sastorian year ago. Captain Stausk missed Sastorus, but she missed her father more, and thus stayed with his ship. She had been given a commission to either find and destroy [...]

The Hut on the Hill

The ferocious waves slapped against the shoreline, spitting mist and bits of white foam into the crisp air. The gray clouds conquering the sky like a vast cotton blanket of darkness responded with the occasional crack of thunder. Rain beat down hard onto the backs of seagulls desperately searching for cover. The gloom was a [...]

Raking the River

Jeff Kovatch Memorial Ohio River Cleanup, Harris Riverside Park, Huntington, WV My father reaches out with the rake and pulls the bottle toward us. I pick it up with my litter-getter and drop it into our big green plastic bag. “I’m raking the river,” he says. We both laugh. I think that would be a [...]

No one knew

The rain pounded the windows. No one knew what to do… What would happen to everyone? The baby started to cry. He had been born in a happy, sunny place.


The fire-colored butterflies Flying drunkenly Silently sipping on the budding milkweeds. Snowflakes delicately falling Landing on open mouths of youth. The lake, calm and tranquil Silently discovering the ocean. The smallest trail of smoke Making its way to the sky. Fate isn’t sealed Like an envelope, Instead it guides Like the rails on a cliff [...]

To Contradict

The waterfall, thought as brave, Viewed as unwearable, unstoppable, ablaze, Secretly cowers and hopes to end its days But continues to roar and never strays. The brambles, viewed as fierce and tough, Ignorant, guarded, as if they’ve had enough And stay like that until they wither, Pretending to be cool and tastelessly blither. The garden, [...]

The Standing Mountains

They are frozen but not yet gone They feel so sad but cold I can’t Oh I can’t feel my body when I stare at them for they’re so great and I’m so small

Wild Wyoming Horses

As the horses ran down the mountain like a raging sand storm, I knew I was in Wyoming. The swift, creek water was mint in my mouth. I felt sandpaper as I touched the horse’s hair. I turned around to see the trees of the forest swaying as if they were rocking their leaves to [...]

Window to Another World

A Field at Sunset

Wheat in Heaven

Mysterious Moon

Fog on the Mountains

Stone Soup Honor Roll: October 2018

Welcome to the Stone Soup Honor Roll! We receive hundreds of submissions every month by kids from around the world. Unfortunately, we can't publish all the great work we receive. So we created the Stone Soup Honor Roll. We commend all of these talented writers and artists and encourage them to keep creating. – The [...]