Stone Soup Magazine
October 2018

Editor’s Note


Window to Another World


A Field at Sunset


Wheat in Heaven


Mysterious Moon


Fog on the Mountains


A Great Community

Zach’s family is immigrating from Poland to the U.S.— and he’s scared: what if America smells bad or is too hot or too expensive?


Pauline basks in the familiar smells, sounds, and sights of home

A Child’s Memoir

Gabriel lives in a world where the line between real and not- real is blurred

The Blue Planet

Captain Vistyz Stausk is on a mission to find and destroy malicious planets in the universe

The Hut on the Hill

A hut remains snug in the middle of a violent storm

Raking the River


No one knew




To Contradict


The Standing Mountains


Wild Wyoming Horses


Stone Soup Honor Roll: October 2018


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