Plain Wall

As I sit here Staring at My plain wall No pictures, desks, or tables near this Plain wall I think It almost seems like I come up with my greatest ideas Staring at This plain wall Over time I have grown quite fond of this wall I have made many stories by looking at this [...]


It is quiet there in the great oak tree by the brook, in the fields – and why shouldn’t it be? For it is morning – Dawn No sound comes to my ears but there is no such thing as silence. So I listen and I try to make out the not-silence. So I listen, [...]

I believe in…

I believe in simple truths, Like 1+1=2. I believe in facts, theorems, and postulates, For they are tools That help us understand The world around us just a little better. I believe in the laws of thermodynamics. Energy cannot be created or destroyed. So the same energy in me right now Has been here since [...]

Up the river bank where the flowers bloom

My basket swings around my bare muddy feet I run up the rushing river with my basket swinging around I give my voice to the wind as calmly as it moves I run freely along the brown mud with the sparkling water next to me trying to get to the flower meadow where the river [...]

Ode to the Common Weed

A cousin pointed you out to me when strolling calmly to the abandoned playground. “A weed!” she falsely exclaims while she prods at your emerald leaves. However, my eyes must be deceiving me, for I see the most enchanting creature that is known to man. Your velveteen leaves, with drops of morning dew, are mirages, [...]

The Money Tree

There is a money tree In my living room With a braided Fishtail trunk And of these five Interwoven strands Only one of them Has visible veins Pumping water For these plumed Green leaves Like dollar bills But for the Chinese New Year We don’t hang coin garlands Or paper cranes For prosperity For Liu [...]

White Upon a River

A shimmer of light cast upon a blue mirror. I see my spirit reflected on a ripple. Light upon a river, when wind comes, it is blurred into illusion.  

A Letter to Chickadee

I wake up to the sound of music, a tiny fluttering sound Flutter in my ears ‘til the sun drops down Perch on my windowsill and wake the waiting sun Take flight, bird, be free Feathers round my mind, ‘til opposites meet.

My Tenth Summer Part One: What I Learned About Hard Work

I've learned this week, Something I knew already But not well My mother, She sits at her desk. Typing. Writing. Scribbling furiously. I felt sorry for her. I thought she hated it. My father, He used to sit at his computer, Frowning. He’s good at numbers, But he’s tired My mom hates to build trails. [...]

Tuesday at the Shore

Sitting on a towel atop the sizzling sand, I’m warm, wet, and a little tired Absentmindedly searching for shells with my damp, sandy, hand I look up to see the wine-dark ocean chomping its foamy mouth Gobbling at the jam of people skittering around the beach clutching their boards And gulping for a breath in [...]

Just Me

When I first saw the dark of night I knew who I was. I was another shard Of my birthstone. I was the king of curiosity. I was a bitter one with danger. I was a monkey going tree to tree And the “Ouch!” When I fell out of a bush. I tossed and turned [...]

Over The Shadowed Hill

We drove over the hill In the dark lamplight night My grandma in front Full speed ahead The warm flowing breeze It showed me the way As the mauve sunrise Shown bright ahead Past the farm Watching the cows eat My grandma and me Drove swiftly away As the sunrise followed us It began to [...]


Garden in the Day

Look at the Waves!

The rosy color of dawn spreads all over the sky

Stone Soup Honor Roll: September 2017

Welcome to the Stone Soup Honor Roll! We receive hundreds of submissions every month by kids from around the world. Unfortunately, we can’t publish all the great work we receive. So we created the Stone Soup Honor Roll. We commend all of these talented writers and artists and encourage them to keep creating. – The [...]

Baseball’s Sad Lexicon

Warm air, shining flowers, golden sunlight—summer in Chicago. And what summer would be complete without baseball? At historic Wrigley Field in Chicago, baseball has been a central part of summertime excitement for generations. I must confess that I am an avid baseball fan. I watch baseball, play baseball, listen to baseball, and read about baseball. [...]


Has anyone here ever killed a spider? Actually, I have a better question: has anyone here ever not killed a spider? The battle to keep spiders and other bugs out of the house is a fairly constant one, and most everyone, at some point in time, has found the easiest solution is to simply pick [...]