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September 2018

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The Night After the Concert

The Moon Loomed Before Him

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Seaweed Towered Above Her

Saguaros at Sunset


Robin lives in a religious society where her identity is determined at birth with an assigned “middlename”
Winner of the 2018 Science Fiction Contest

Young Eyes

A pair of illegal goggles have the power to return you to the imagination of childhood 2nd Place in the 2018 Science Fiction Contest

The Mystical Creatures of Blue Spout Bay

Viola discovers a mysterious golden seaweed that has the potential to change the world3rd Place in the 2018 Science Fiction Contest


After rising sea levels and global temperatures render the world uninhabitable, self-sustaining “Communities” are formed
4th Place in the 2018 Science Fiction Contest

Saguaros: Amazing Plants

The Eclipse

Pigs to the Rescue

How the Universe Came to Be

Once, In the middle of nowhere There hid a Tiny speck of dust Smaller than The smallest microbe. With all the playful energy The miniscule pinprick contained, It couldn’t wait A single moment longer To meet the world And make new friends. So The tiny speck of dust Exploded, Launching a shower Of vibrant reds,...

I Wonder

I wonder why we call bats “bats”— why do we call them that? I wonder why little kids burp and crickets chirp and why snow is in the winter. Speaking of snow, why is it called snow and not sand? Why is music sometimes called a band? And why do people walk on land? And...

The Absence of Opposites

Stone Soup Honor Roll: September 2018

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