Stone Soup Magazine
September/October 2000

The Real Mr. Vankos

Rumors have a way of distorting the truth

A Crimson Glimmer

Tired after school, Mary enjoys a ride on her horse

On the Beach

A day at the beach brings happiness in four ways

A Winner

Laura cherishes the memory of her father

Enchantment of the Wolves

Why does the wolf keep showing up in Terry's yard?

Nicely Johnson and Caylan

Daniel resists peer pressure to do what he knows is right

The Healer’s Apprentice

Keris has always felt different, and now she knows why

Foxes and Frogs

A new friend helps Jessie see the simple wonders of life

Evening on the Fish Pond

If I Could Choose . . .

I, Too, Sing America

Einstein: Visionary Scientist

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