A Lasso for Adagio

I look back on that night and wonder why I was so scared. Was it the noises—or the fact I was alone, surrounded by water, with nothing overhead but the glittering stars and the Cheshire moon? That day began just like any other Thursday. At school I almost fell asleep in math class, and by [...]

Finders, Keepers

I found the box today. It was on the dust-covered shelf in the new room. While I was searching for one of my many misplaced books, I picked up this plain-looking plastic box to set it out of the way. To my astonishment I discovered it was quite heavy. Placing it on my knee, I [...]

Forgotten Words

It was a sultry day in August. Sofia lay on her bed, her eyes closed. She heard Isabela, her sister, playing with her cousins downstairs. Cousin Diego's radio drowned out baby Ana's wailing. Quietly, Sofia tiptoed out of the room. She darted down the stairs, through the kitchen, and out the back door, unnoticed. Out [...]

Music from the Heart

“He's back again?!” exclaimed Kaitlin, dropping her backpack on the floor. "What did the owners complain of this time?" Steve, the thirty-year-old manager of the animal shelter, replied, "Oh, the usual. He barks too much, bites, growls, and they simply can't put up with him." "Poor little Bullet," she sympathized, going over to the sign-in [...]

The Moment of Decision

“Strike three!'' The quarterfinal game was over. Jesús Castillo had tossed his fourth perfect game in a row, earning the Little Leaguers of Miami a bid to the semifinals of the Little League World Series. His face was all over the newspapers. Headlines of Jesús becoming the next Koufax streaked across the tops of the [...]

Small Lives

I gaze from the gray wooden bench in my neighbor's backyard as the water from the hose quietly flows out onto the budding tomato plants. I watch the plants and rest easy, knowing the hose is taking care of the plants, and there is nothing more I can do. The roots and soil soak up [...]

A Window by the Sea

Eve set her bags down with a sigh, and looked around. The room's white walls stood out in stark contrast to the wood floors, the bed, with its antique-looking iron headboard and footboard and the patchwork quilt, and the bare walnut bookshelf. The only ornament in the room was an old-fashioned fishing net hanging on [...]

Girl of Kosovo

Girl of Kosovo by Alice Mead; Farrar, Straus and Giroux: New York, 2001; $16 When people thought the Holocaust was over, it wasn't. For the Jews it may have been over in the 1940s, but for the Albanians it wasn't over until 1999. Girl of Kosovo is a marvelous book. Beneath the cover unravels a [...]

Bloody Jack

Bloody Jack by L. A. Meyer; Harcourt, Inc.: New York, 2002; $17 Sometime in your life you most likely will experience the thrill of getting involved with something and loving it. It brings about new friends, new adventures, and sometimes even new hopes and a better life. Unfortunately, this new experience may not really be [...]