Stone Soup Magazine
September/October 2007


It's a beautiful day for a hike, but Jack is preoccupied

A Day at the Ranch

Patches works hard all day to keep the ranch safe

The Journey Begins

Things start looking up for Shelly when she meets Magic Star


Sometimes the simplest games can be the most exciting

You Just Have to Trust Me

Erica and Natasha were best friends until seventh grade

Saturday Night at the Panadería

Mexican pastries have never sounded more delectable

From Terror to Triumph

Asa's sister knows,


Everywhere he goes, the man is reminded of happier times

Moonbeams into Eternity

Once he learns to strategize, Colin has a blast surfing at Trestles


We see autumn As a blaze Of red leaves, falling leaf-shaped embers From the branch-lined sky, A blaze Of squirrels rushing, Geese hurrying, of motion, A blaze Of jack-o-lanterns. But around the jack-o-lanterns falls the night, Advancing slowly through the days, A black cat stalking the now-mouse-weak sun. Northern winds come Hand in hand with...

Empty Spotlight


Loving Will Shakespeare

So B. It

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