Stone Soup Magazine
September/October 2008

What Happened in Roswell

What really happened in Barry Whitestone’s field on July 7, 1947?

October’s Flight

It’s Halloween, and Cammie is a shimmering butterfly

My Story, a Fictional Account

Maybe life with Aunt Helga won’t be so bad after all

The Dragon Speaks

Yeh-Yeh helps Emily feel proud of her Chinese heritage

A Different Kind of Light

Amy can’t bear the thought of losing her mother

The Ride of a Lifetime

A dull day turns exciting when Kaylyn rides the Ferris wheel


Life is hard in 1840s Ireland; will the family make it to America?

A Sliver of Moonlight

Win or lose, Aja dances for the pure joy of it

Thirteen Ways to Look at Autumn

When I Was Five

Back Down to Earth


I Am Rembrandt’s Daughter

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