Stone Soup Magazine
September/October 2012

My Mother’s Little Girl

Suddenly Angie sees her mother in a new light

Tranquility Reservoir

Billy feels at home in his special place

Adrin’s Chase

Can Adrin find the owl diadem in just eight days?

Mission Beach

It’s a tradition: summer ends with a trip to the beach

Royal Blue

Mr. Fields tries to intimidate Sam before the race

I’m Home

How frustrating to be stuck in customs!

Discovering Opportunities

The jet-black horse inspires Ocyin to make some changes


Ruby is frantic when she can’t find her little brother

A Walk Down the Ocean

Abby races along the beach in pursuit of a dolphin

Fall Night

The Jewel Case

The Nature Walk

We the Children (Benjamin Pratt and the Keepers of the School)

Fixing Delilah

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