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They are dressed as if they just went to a funeral.
Which they have.
But only I know.

They went to mourn
In Los Angeles,
And are staying at a hotel now.
They are probably taking off
Dresses and ties.

They’re coming home tomorrow.
I begged to go
But Mom asked me what funeral I was talking about.

I got a letter.
It said,

“Dear friend,
We miss you.
We are coming home soon.
The funeral was sad.
Wish you could be there.
Your friends.”

My friends
Came back.

While I helped them
Take off their coats,
One of them asked,
“Did you get our letter?”

I felt happy
Even though the handwriting on the letter
Was mine.

Emma Catherine Hoff
Emma Catherine Hoff, 8
Bronx, New York