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Tranquil Tides

The water crashes against the dock
Like a chime, melody.
The boats bob on the water, but seem at peace.
I sit down near the edge, not too close, nor too far.

The sun dips down into the Earth, leaving a spill of purple and dusty rose to light the dusk sky.
Soon the moon will take over the job of the sun, guiding the midnight travelers.

The waves crash against the dock, almost like children playing.
The birds keep chirping, as they normally do, but they are not annoying; they seem like a melody this evening, for they too seem tired. Like me.

Where am I?
Why is it turning dark too fast?
What is behind me?
What do I feel like?

At peace. The day is gone now, and soon I will rest.
I feel tired and calm, and the waves seem to start to feel that too, as they are more calm now, like children before bed.
Content, tired, peaceful

By the water.
By the water.
By the water.

Benjamin Romano
Benjamin Romano, 10
Lynnfield, MA

Sabrina Lu, 13
Ashburn, VA