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We don’t often talk about politics in the print magazine of Stone Soup. This is in large part because we work so far ahead on each issue that any attempt to speak to current events will inevitably be outdated by the time the magazine arrives at your door. Instead, we publish more timely and topical submissions—about the pandemic, the election, Black Lives Matter, and more—on our blog.

However, in this issue, you will read Cora Burch’s poems about her experience of the pandemic as well as one about President Trump, a poem she wrote before the storming of the capitol that now feels eerily prescient.

You will also encounter Steven Cavros’s “The Sewer People,” a story about an imaginary society and government that forces us to think about our own—much like George Orwell’s novel Animal Farm.

I encourage you to try writing a poem or story that is about politics without being about our current politics.

Finally, in these pages, you will find the final installment of Ariana Kralicek’s novella, The Trials and Tribulations of Swifty Appledoe. I hope reading about Swifty has put a smile on your face and maybe even inspired you try something new!