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I am so excited to share two long-form works of fiction with you this summer!

The first piece featured in this issue is Get Myself A Rocking Chair, a novella by Nora Heiskell that was submitted to our 2020 Book Contest. Nora seems to have an old soul; she writes with a wisdom and maturity well beyond her twelve years, in a voice tinged with nostalgia. Her writing is vivid and beautiful and moving, and the story pulls you in—you won’t be able to stop reading until you know what’s happened to Katrina.

In this issue you’ll also find an excerpt from The Other Realm by Tristan Hui, the winner of our 2020 Book Contest, which

you can preorder now at our store—it comes out on September 1st! Tristan’s novel tells the story of Azalea Morroe, and her epic journey across a haunted desert. It’s an adventure story with a huge heart that will also make you

laugh! I hope you enjoy reading the first few chapters, and I’m so excited to share the full novel with you in September.

In the meantime, I encourage all of you to submit to our 2021 Book Contest! This year, we will select one winning novel and one winning poetry manuscript, though we consider all entries for potential publication in the magazine. The contest closes on August 16, 2021.