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Leaves turning red, orange, and yellow as they dry out and fall off the branches. Days getting shorter, the air turning cold. Like spring, fall is a season of transition. When we are in winter and summer, we are in them. But we are never truly in the transitional seasons; the weather is constantly shifting, the temperature inching up or down.

In these transitional seasons, I always find myself thinking about change and about time. Now we have devices everywhere that tell us the time—our computers, our phones, our smart watches, our microwaves, our ovens, and our cars. But before all those devices, and before clocks, there was the natural world—the seasons to tell us what time of year it is, and the sun and the moon to tell us what time of day or night.

The art and writing in this issue encompass a range of topics and styles, but all of the pieces circle, in some way, these essential questions: How does time change us? How do we change in time? And how do we make sense of these changes over time?

Enjoy the witching season!