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Ah, spring! Or as Grace Zhuang writes in her poem “Spring” in this issue:

Winds are running around
Telling everyone the good news,
“Spring is coming!”
“Spring is coming!”

That stanza captures the atmosphere I tried to create in this issue—one of lightness, whimsy, excitement, and happiness. The writing and art here bubbles (sometimes literally—as in Enzo Moscola’s photograph!) with smiles and imagination, even when dealing with difficult experiences—like breaking an arm, or, you know, saving the world from a cloud of doom.

One of my poetry teachers once gave us this assignment in the spring: to go out and listen to a flower growing, then write a poem about it. This month, I ask you to do the same. Although, depending on where you live, it may admittedly be a bit early to hear the flowers, you can go out and listen to the plants and the Earth—then document it in art, in whichever medium you prefer.

Till next month,