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It is June. I feel like sighing with relief even writing those words. There is something about summer, even when you’re no longer in school, that just makes you relax. The heat makes everyone slow down, I guess—and people take vacation, which means the working world can’t move at its usual pace.

Even though I had so much time in the summer growing up, I always found myself gravitating toward poetry and shorter books during June, July, and August. Short but serious. Pieces that I could read quickly, as if they were melting popsicles.

So, this June, here is an issue of shorter pieces to dip in and out of as you finish school and make your way to the beach or pool. I love how so many of these pieces focus on the smallest moments in our lives—like taking a test—but in a way that turns them into unusual, and in some cases even fantastical, events.

Read! Write! Relax! Enjoy the start of summer.