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As you may have noticed just from holding it in your hands, this issue is longer than usual. That’s because in addition to the regular forty-eight pages of writing and art, you’ll find an extra ten pages of art in this, our new art edition of the magazine. We’ve decided to make a special art issue at least an annual event. Why? Because art submissions have really exploded in the past couple of years; we get so much wonderful art that we love and want to publish, and it’s difficult to find space for it alongside all the incredible writing we also love and want to publish. So, instead of temporarily suspending art submissions or accepting even less art, we decided to make space to publish as much as we can.

The art in this issue represents the full range of work that we publish—you’ll find photographs, paintings, pencil drawings, pastel drawings, digital art created with Procreate. You’ll find work from our Refugee Project, portraits and landscapes, pastorals and street scenes.

Thank you to all of our artists—past and present—for bringing us inspiration and beauty. Happy new year! And happy FIFTIETH birthday to Stone Soup!