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In this issue, things go missing. There is a woman who has lost her husband and is now losing her mind. There is a girl whose best friend goes missing. There is a boy who is rushed to the ER after hitting his head at the playground and momentarily forgets where he is and why. There’s a bowl of light that loses its light when brought to Earth, and an ode to the beauty of the simple eraser.

This theme seemed appropriate as we begin to enter spring—a time when we begin to wake from what feels like hibernation. How quickly every year I forget the cold, dark days of winter! And so much else along with them—how to dress in warmer weather, what to eat. Somehow, every year, I figure it out. What seems to be missing is still there, embedded in my body, which often seems to know more than my mind.

This March, consider writing a story about someone, or something, emerging from a real or metaphorical winter. What do they choose to remember? What do they forget?