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In this issue, we welcome spring—with spring poems and spring art. Look again at that cover image—the wash of blue sky! The meadow full of blue, orange, and yellow flowers! That perfectly contented longhorn, gazing off into the distance! The grass is too green for it to be summer—it is still spring, and I can practically feel the sun warming my face as the crisp wind blows, smell the grass and the pollen floating through the air . . .! Thank you, Shaivi, for this painting.

The stories and memoir in this issue are “springlike” in theme: many examine endings—which are always new beginnings. A girl who, in growing up, loses her best friend. A daddy longlegs who begins a new life outdoors. An alien who gives up a precious, ancient coin. A young girl’s move to a new city. And more.

This month, meditate on what spring looks like to you—and create around it.