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Readers! Today marks FIFTY YEARS of Stone Soup! Reaching this milestone is an incredible achievement and a testament to the importance of this project for young readers, writers, and artists. Thanks to each one of you for continuing to make Stone Soup possible.

The art, poetry, and prose in this issue explore climate change. It felt right to me that our fiftieth issue should be one that explores the most significant political issue facing all of us, and especially our youth, today. Here, you will find a story about what happens when wolves come into close contact with humans, a fantastical tale about a young wizard on a mission to save the forest where she lives, a memoir that reminds us of the beauty and majesty of nature, and incredible artwork that harnesses image and metaphor to show what we are up against, alongside many other powerful pieces.

You will also find the first installment of Cousins, a novella that Emily Chang, 14, submitted to our 2022 Book Contest. We are thrilled to be publishing it in the magazine, and hope that you enjoy Nicky and Laila’s story as much as we did!