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Hello! I am beyond excited to introduce myself as the new editor of Stone Soup! I have been a fan of the magazine since I read it as a child, and I will never forget the feeling of wonder it gave me to discover that kids like me could be published authors. For many years, I worked as a children’s book editor at a major publisher, so it has been a fun challenge for me to turn my attention to work by children. I am so impressed with your submissions!

This month, as befits the cooling weather, several of our pieces explore the longing for comfort—the historical story about a Jewish girl who searches for hope after being separated from her family by the Nazis; the widow who eases the pain of the loss of her husband through the creative process of embroidery; the orphan girl bringing what cheer she can to her aunt and uncle amidst the war in Ukraine; a poem called “Home.”

Change is another theme authors explore this November. There’s a story about how animals deal with the extreme weather they suffer due to climate change. There are poems about changing seasons, changing friendship, a changing world. What changes have you experienced, and what comforts you through them?