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Editor’s Note

This issue is a bit diff erent than usual for two reasons.

First, we have started to serialize Hannah Nami Gajcowksi’s fantastical novella, Elana, which placed third in our 2019 book contest. Elana follows the extraordinary adventures of a “furow” girl who lives on Neptune and has an important destiny to fulfill. We will be publishing Elana in three installments in our April, May, and June issues—we are sure you will be waiting impatiently for the next installments each month!

Second, it is National Poetry Month again! For this reason, we have chosen to showcase the work of two young poets. We hope you will enjoy reading this larger selection of work by a single poet (as well as an additional short story), and that you will take the time to read and reread these pieces. Poems may take less time to read than stories, but they are meant to be read many times.

Until next time!