Outside Resources

Photo Credit: Sage Millen, 14 (Menu buttons: Sabrina Lu, 13)

Presented here are a number of resources we use when teaching creative writing classes. Some of these resources are intended for student use and access; as an example, the writers who teach at MasterClass, many of them among the most famous names in American and English literature, have produced pages on literary devices and techniques that you may find useful.
We also include here Stone Soup-produced material that doesn’t quite fit anyplace else, such as dozens of stories from Stone Soup that the authors have recorded and have been posted to SoundCloud. We have curated YouTube videos with a few YA authors who talk about issues important to the writer. We hope you find them as inspiring as we do!

If you have any outside resources that you find useful and think we should be sharing with others, then please write to William Rubel at education@stonesoup.com.