Weekly Creativity #241: Write a Story where the Main Character Isn’t a Human

Write a story where the main character isn’t a human ...
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Weekly Creativity #240 | Flash Contest #52: Write a Love Story/Poem

Write a love story/poem. It could be any kind of love: romantic, platonic, familial, etc., but love should be the ...
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Weekly Creativity #239: Take a Series of Self-Portraits where You Dress Up as Different Characters

Take a series of self-portraits where you dress up as different characters ...
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Weekly Creativity #238: Write the Same Scene from Different Characters’ Points of View

Write the same scene from different characters’ points of view.  ...
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Weekly Creativity #237: Write a How-to Article about Something You Don’t Know how to Do

Write a how-to article about something you don't know how to do. This could be something real that you just ...
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