words of wonder

Words of Wonder

It never fails. Whenever I visit my mother for a few days, I make my way to the basement bookcases ...
teaching writing with focused reading

Teach Writing with Focused Reading

When I first started homeschooling, I spent days scouring the Internet for ideas on teaching writing, and whoa, was I ...
talent is overrated teaching writing

Talent Is Overrated: Teaching the Three Rs of Great Writers

When we think of writers who have left their names etched in history, such as Robert Frost or J.K. Rowling, ...
More or Less Family gather in the dining table

Rich or Poor?

Sammy Westfall set her story, “More or Less” (the featured story from our January/February 2014 issue) in the Philippines, where ...
Heights friends up in the water tower

Realistic Storytelling

I don't know about you, but I like the characters in the stories I read to seem like real people ...
Curtis Freedom Mother waiting by the train station

History Comes Alive

Many Stone Soup readers tell us that historical fiction is their favorite genre. We think we know why. Realistic characters, ...