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January-cold winter air swoops through the chimney but can’t
blow out the fire


Bundled up in your house you lay surrounded
by your needs of warmth
No one can cold you


March makes birds get ready to sing
It makes snow into grass
It makes a hundred nests built for birds
It makes winter to spring to summer to fall


Sing this poem in the showers
and dance around with the flowers which you’re
delivering to Grandma


May the flowers start off
May the luck bloom from thou
May the warmth start on
In May


The swimming pool is filled with sunlight
warming the warm air
The breeze feels good, especially when you’re
reading a book in the shade under a hickory tree


July is the sweet sticky sound calling the birds and
the humidity healing the trees with green


Hot, Hot, Hot, Hot

August’s hot


The beginning of fall and the end of summer. Who
could ask for more.


Put on your hat, your cloak, your robe, we plead; fall
is in session


The harvest on the field looks up to the cold moon


The December rain pains down
on the windowsills frozen as ice
cackle cackle cackle! It seems to laugh
No snow today, just frozen rain
Pitter patter
The rain spatters across the ground
Frost evolves and multiplies itself by the minute
As the atoms in the air turn to ice

Amity Doyle
Amity Doyle, 11
Katonah, NY