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Flowers are punctuations

A dandelion is an ellipsis . . .
for its seeds are blowing away.

A comma is a lily,
for it’s buried in the ground.

A colon is two buds or flowerlets:
for they are small and have dots.

A quotation is two hollyhocks
“For their heads reach all to the sky,” they say.

An apostrophe is a hydrangea
for it’s used and loved endlessly.

An exclamation mark is a catmint
for it is bright, beautiful, and dotted!

A period is a singular baby’s breath
for it’s small, short, and stout.

A question mark is a jade vine
for it’s long, and questions are asked, like “Why are they here?”

A dash is a Sakura branch
for it’s long—and to the side.

A slash is a tulip
for it’s slanted/bended to one side.

An asterisk is a begonia*
*for it’s small and starry and short.

An ampersand is a Spiranthes sinensis
for it’s twisted & spun.

Parentheses are Middlemist reds
as they much aren’t seen and curved (slightly)