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If the sky is blue, then fly with me!
If the sun is bright, then fly with me!
If the sea is rough, then fly with!
If you have wings, then fly with me!
If the wind blows through your wings, then fly with me!

Come here and fly with me!

The sky is dark, please help me!
The sun is sad, please help me!
The sea is stormy, please help me!
My wings are small, please help me!
The butterflies are afraid, please help me!
My world is ignored, please help me!
I am a refugee, please help me!
Please help me! Help me!

~Sylvia & Parwana
Never be scared!
We are together, with no fear!
We are together, full of courage!
We are together, with strong fists!
We are together, with powerful steps!
We are together, to fly and spy in the air!
We are together, to make a storm of happiness!
We are together, to stand up against all odds!
We are together, no one can stop us!
We are together, we are together!

Parwana Amiri, 16
Herat Province, Afghanistan;
Ritsona Refugee Camp, Greece

About the Project

There are millions of children affected by war, social collapse, and climate change now living in refugee camps, or dispersed in host countries far from their original homes. The work that appears here is a part of Stone Soup’s growing collection of creative expression by young people whose lives have been upended by such conflict throughout the world. To explore the entire collection, please visit the Stone Soup Refugee Project online: https://stonesoup.com/refugee-project/