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My name is George. I’m a six-year-old boy. I have a nose-picking brother who annoys me constantly. I want to be a scientist. Specifically, I want to make a drink that will make people live forever. My mom and dad tell me that I have a good imagination. I tell my parents that I have 100 in science, and in every other subject, my grade is an 80. Also, I have won four science fair projects.

Like my parents, my teacher also says that I have a good imagination. My teacher says that I could be in the fifth grade science class, but my parents say that I am good where I am. It is not fair, but people in fifth grade may pick on me, so I agree with my parents.

I’m in college now; I skipped middle school and high school. I attend Harvard University, and I still want to be a scientist. I told Mr. Johnson that I want to make a potion product that will make people live forever. He almost expelled me because he said it was impossible. I decided to quit Harvard and begin working.

I use very complex math and science. After many years of challenging work, I knew that I did not have one material. For two decades, I have been looking for the right material. I have tried everything—sticks, rubber, liquid, fruits, rocks, and more. The weather reporter stated,
“There will be a meteor crash on the border of Georgia and Florida.” I live 25 miles from the border of Georgia and Florida.

The following week, the meteor crashed in the morning, and I went outside to see. I picked up a bluish red rock. When I returned to my house, I tripped, and the rock fell into the drink that I almost finished. When I looked at the drink, it looked and smelled like it was supposed to when finished.

I took a sip, and it tasted as it was supposed to according to my calculations. I knew that this was the last ingredient. I gathered all the bluish red rock I could.

A year later, I went on television and showed my product. Ten minutes later, companies gave me billions of dollars for my product. My parents called and asked if they could have some of my product. I refused because they hadn’t believed in me.

Within an hour, I received trillions of dollars from Bill Gates and Warren Buffett because they asked for some product. One person said they would trade their baby for my product. I am very rich.

Over the next two years, I got married, and we had two children. The children are twins. They once switched their classes, and no one knew until I saw their handwriting. My children have millions of dollars, and they spend their money on candy and mansions.

Two-thirds of the Earth’s population has purchased my product. I have everything I need: a hot pool, a house as big as Minnesota, limousines, a puppy, and even a McDonald’s in my house. The problem is that I have too much paperwork. I also have complaints that my product doesn’t work for cancer.

I wish I could just discontinue my product and create something else. I asked the president to discontinue my product, so I can have my normal life back again. However, I did not receive an answer. The next morning, my family was robbed. I lost billions of dollars. I asked the president to close my product again, and the answer was finally “yes.”

I’m now a normal man with trillions of dollars who will live forever because I drank my own product.

Yanni Yohannes George’s Dream
Yanni Yohannes, 9
Alpharetta, GA