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Song at Dusk

And it was with bright eyes and a bold step that we reached into the stars.
Grouped around our television sets and computers, we cheered the sun
one more day until a new start.

And we pulled down the diamond net from the sky.
The lovely, glorious, gold-silver—
we drowned in it.
Beauty and riches beyond measure,
and we drowned in it.

Fireworks turned into bombs and our stars were against us.
Nothing was ever enough.
Not enough to save us.
And it wasn’t.
We crawled into our bunkers and
time started to blur,
and the colors started to change,
and flowers began to bloom from the cracks of our broken world.

But we fell
and fell
and fell.

Days melted into nights.

When we crawled out of our holes
to see the moon
Big and bright over our empty fields,
and collapsing society,
we smiled.

As we lay on our backs, watching the yellow and green sunset, standing on
purple grass, and staring at our golden moon,
we smiled.

Necla Asveren
Necla Asveren, 12
Shanghai, China

Aspen Clayton, 11
Lisle, IL