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From the Flash Contests

The First Snow

Linda sat on the porch watching the clouds, and occasionally, the butterflies fluttering over the front yard. Ever since she’d been diagnosed with late-stage breast cancer last year, she started to slow down and to appreciate the simple yet beautiful things all around her so much more.

Suddenly, she heard loud footsteps.

It must be Charlotte, Linda thought.

Sure enough, her five-year-old daughter, Charlotte, came running around to the porch and sat down next to her.

Linda noticed Charlotte’s unusual air of sadness.

“What’s up, sweetie?” Linda asked.

Charlotte turned and gave her a smile. “Mommy, I miss our old house.”

“You don’t like this new house?” Linda asked.

“I like it, but Daddy said it doesn’t really snow in Texas, even in winter. I miss the snow. It would always look like magic!” Charlotte said. She loved playing on snow days with her friends.

Linda and her family used to live in Illinois, where it snowed a lot in the winter. But they recently moved south to Texas because it’s closer to Linda’s parents who can help take care of Charlotte.

She saw disappointment briefly flash over Charlotte’s face.

“You know what? Actually, it does snow in Texas sometimes. Just not that much, though!” Linda said, in an attempt to cheer Charlotte up.

“Really?!” Charlotte’s face brightened up. “I wish I could see the snow . . . with you!”

“Of course, sweetie! When the next snow comes, you and I will be together.” Linda pointed at the front lawn and said, “Right over there, watching the beautiful white magic falling down.”


You can read the rest of Evelyn’s story at https://stonesoup.com/post/stone-soup-monthly-flash-contest-winners-roll/

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