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From Stone Soup Writing Workshop #15, with Conner Bassett: Veering

The Challenge: Write a poem or story that veers off its intended path. Change direction. Change your mind. And use the object that you chose at the beginning of class.

A Rosy Carpet

Ethan Zhang
Ethan Zhang, 9
McLean, VA

Outside my window
A rosy carpet hovered.
It was unreal
And even insane
Was what I told
I was convinced
It was anything
But a fantasy.
I stepped on it
Into the misty clouds I rose.
The wind brushed my face
And I flew, high, high
Up and over
The steely house
The buzzing town

About the Stone Soup Writing Workshop

The Stone Soup Writing Workshop began in March 2020 during the COVID-19-related school closures. In every session, a Stone Soup team member gives a short presentation, and then we all spend half an hour writing something inspired by the week’s topic or theme. We leave our sound on so we feel as though we are in a virtual café, writing together in companionable semi-silence! Then, participants are invited to read their work to the group and afterward submit what they wrote to a special Writing Workshop submissions category. Those submissions are published as part of the workshop report on our blog every week. You can read more workshop pieces, and find information on how to register and join the workshop, at https://stonesoup.com/stone-soup-writing-workshop.