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Flash Contest #37:

Write about a character who has everything they wanted but still isn’t happy


Scarlet He
Scarlet He, 10
Scarsdale, NY

Once, in a faraway land, there was a person. Yes, a person. A plain, plain, person. This “person,” Chuo, was always wanting something. Always, always wanting, wanting something.

Chuo lived in a small hut on the outskirts of Happiness Town, a town that was as happy and joyful as a buzzing bee collecting loads of pollen and nectar. A happy, happy, joyful town.

This time, Chuo wanted ice cream. He longed for the creamy texture of the ice cream and gooey consistency of his favorite syrup, Super Happy Yummy Creamy Maple Syrup. Mmm, he thought, already drooling at the mouth. Super Happy Yummy Creamy Maple Syrup is my favorite. Yes, all he thought was of what he wanted and how it was the best and his favorite. His best, best, favorite thing.

As he scrambled from his hut and into Happiness Town, flowers of the rainbow were blooming all around him, large crowds of people were zooming by, chattering like they had no care in the world, and birds sang in the distance.

“Lovely day,” he greeted a person walking by him, but he really was not feeling lovely.

“I can’t feel lovely until I’ve gotten my ice cream,” he muttered to himself as he came up to the usual shining stand of the ice cream shop.

The shop had bright, bursting, beautiful colors painted on it. The wooden deck was standing on top of a large flower bed, which was exploding with color. Metal white chairs were propped on the deck, and many people wearing all sorts of clothes were occupying them. They sure do love color, thought Chuo, miserably.

“Three scoops of Neapolitan ice cream with a large drizzle of Super Happy Yummy Creamy Maple Syrup and black licorice gooey sprinkles,” said Chuo to the cashier, who was already scooping out his ice cream.

“Here you go: $5.00. And thank you!” replied the cashier with a humongous grin spread from the corners of his face.

Chuo paid up, then hurried to the nearest unoccupied seat with his heaping scoops of ice cream. The ice cream looked absolutely delicious; the scoops of ice cream themselves were the perfect mixture of sweet and icy cold, and they were creamy like no other. The syrup was too good to be true—the gooey, sweet rainbow sauce was dripping down the scoops of ice cream and melting into it, turning the ice cream even sweeter. It had jet-black sprinkles mixed into it, and it was shining in the sunlight. Chuo licked his lips, then dug in, snarfing up the ice cream in one huge gulp. This time, Chuo grinned a huge grin. A huge, huge, grin.

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