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From Stone Soup Writing Workshop #29: Rhythm, Phrasing, and Cadence

The Writing Challenge

Choose one of these three approaches to your piece of writing:

  • Short first sentence.
  • Start in the middle with long-ranging sentences that may be held together with the glue of dashes. Don’t be overly concerned with perfect grammar on this first pass.
  • Write in short sentences. Entirely or mostly.

Dark and Light

Lina Kim
Lina Kim, 11
Weston, FL

The dark was interrupted by a brilliant light

Emitted by stars near the sea.

The moon glowed ever so slightly in the night,

And it seemed like the glow is for me.

I see little white dots shining in the sky,

Looking through the window in my room.

A seagull swoops down near the waves and the tides,

And leads a fish to its doom.

The ocean, stars, seagull, and fish in the night

Show all relations between dark and light.

About the Stone Soup Writing Workshop

The Stone Soup Writing Workshop began in March 2020 during the COVID-19-related school closures. In every session, a Stone Soup team member gives a short presentation, and then we all spend half an hour writing something inspired by the week’s topic or theme. We leave our sound on so we feel as though we are in a virtual café, writing together in companionable semi-silence! Then, participants are invited to read their work to the group and afterward submit what they wrote to a special writing workshop submissions category. Those submissions are published as part of the workshop report on our blog every week. You can read more workshop pieces, and find information on how to register and join the workshop, at https://stonesoup.com/stone-soup-writing-workshop.