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From the section of our blog devoted to writing inspired by COVID-19

Mika Sarkar Omachi
Mika Sarkar Omachi, 12
San Francisco, CA


Life Now - A digital artwork


Artist’s Note:

This digital art is a human-shaped fishbowl. Fishbowls are like a cage because the fish can’t go anywhere, but they also protect the fish by keeping them in water. This is like shelter-in-place because we are all separated from each other, but also we are always at home where we can be observed like fish in a fishbowl.

About the Stone Soup Blog

We publish original work—writing, art, book reviews, and multimedia projects—by young people on the Stone Soup Blog. When the pandemic began, we got so much incredible writing about the experience of living through the lockdowns that we created a special category for it! You can read more posts by young bloggers, and find out more about submitting a blog post, here: https:// stonesoup.com/stone-soup-blog/.