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  1. Scrub the wall to form froth, then coat it with water like the coastline after a wave.
  2. Soapy water will slide down to the floorboards. Sit down at the edge of the water, hold your shawl with one hand, and dry the floor.
  3. Be careful not to get water in between the tiles.
  4. Pull out the brush from the cleaning cart, its drawers tiered like bleachers.
  5. By the window, you can see the gardeners trimming the trees below, one of them leaving for a break.
  6. The lake to the side reflects the birds flying around in chains, as if trying to clasp the sides of the sky.
  7. After cleaning the walls, make sure to put new soap in the tray below. Go inside the corner room to finish today’s breakfast.

Soheon Rhee, 12
Taguig City, the Philippines