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I shared
My apricot
With a bird.

It said,
“Thank you.”
I don’t know when the bird started talking.

It wrapped me in its arms.
It had a gentle grip.
Such a gentle grip.
Too gentle of a grip, I thought.

I don’t know
When the bird grew arms.

All I know
Are my thoughts.
Right then I was thinking this was not a good way to show gratitude.

I didn’t know
Where it was taking me.

But then the bird vanished.
Its gentle grip was gone.
And I was falling.

I landed
In a queer place.
Above me
Stood a human with a beak.

And I knew at once
That it was Carry,
The animal I shared my apricot with.

All I could think was the
Sweet, sweet fact
That above me there were several apricots.

And I wanted to have one.
For I had shared mine earlier today
With a bird.

Emma Catherine Hoff
Emma Catherine Hoff, 8
Bronx, New York