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March 2018

Science Fiction

One thing that we are passionate about here at Stone Soup is writing about all kinds of topics. We tend to think of writing as exclusively within the subject of “English.” Of course, English is indisputably critical for learning language, methods, and techniques. But practicing writing, creative or nonfiction, shouldn’t be so strictly confined. Can’t we also write about history? About math? One school even integrated writing into classes like P.E. to improve their student’s skills.

For our latest Stone Soup contest, we want young writers to explore writing about a specific subject: Science. Although we’re calling for “Science Fiction” broadly, we want to encourage students to incorporate scientific concepts that they have learned in class. How can creating a story demonstrate what they have learned? How can they take objective facts and utilize them in a creative way? We want students to be able to showcase their knowledge at the same time as they create something of their own.

As our founder, William Rubel, writes:

“Science fiction is a fiction of possibilities and ideas. In the best science fiction, the author takes an idea from science, and then thinks, ‘well, if such and such came true, then what?’  The consequences of the ‘what-ifs’ are often what science fiction books are about. Up to this point, Stone Soup has not published a lot of science fiction. We’d like that to change. We would like you all to start thinking about big issues and asking big questions and then make the shift to writing inquisitive fiction, which is what science fiction is.”

And once you’ve finished, submit your Science Fiction stories to Stone Soup!

The deadline for the story contest is April 1st, 11:59pm. If you have any questions, feel free to email Story length is flexible, although we’d prefer if it didn’t exceed 2000 words.

Note: if you are a teacher wanting to submit a whole batch of student stories, you may use the Classroom Submission option; please just write a note in the cover letter that you would like to be considered for the contest.

(For an example of the kinds of stories we’d love to see more of, please read this excellent dystopian story from 2004.)


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