I AM Poem

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Stone Soup Magazine
December 2018

By Kathleen Werth


I am a singer and a vet

I wonder how people develop personalities

I hear flowers singing

I see a magic carpet

I want my dog to talk

I am a singer and a vet


I pretend I’m my favorite character in my book

I would feel great if I lived in nature

I touch a bird’s soft silky feathers

I worry I will die too soon

I cry when something goes wrong

I am a singer and a vet


I understand I need to wear clothes

I say what you believe is what’s correct

I dream I will meet a unicorn

I try to make a good first impression

I hope it will snow

I am a singer and a vet

I AM Poem Kathleen Werth

Kathleen Werth, 8
Silver Spring, MD

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