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It needs courage to build a school !
It needs courage to touch children’s hearts !
It needs courage to welcome homelessness !
It needs courage to stand with us in one line !
It needs courage to open an educational house !
It needs courage to trade hope for hopelessness !
It needs courage to give pens to those who have never touched a pen before !
It needs courage to paint the black-and-white world of the wounded !
It needs courage to advocate from silence !
It needs courage to give shelter to others !
It needs courage to stay a human !
It needs courage !
It needs courage
It’s easy to destroy !
It’s easy to break hearts !
It’s easy to shout at the silenced !
It’s easy to close your eyes on truths !
It’s easy to hurt those who have been hurt many times !

It’s easy to sit aside !
It’s easy to show your power against weakness !
It’s easy !

But we will never give up !
We will build again, stronger than before !
We will help again, more committed than before !
We will bring happiness and stay happy, happier than before !
We will make islands free

Parwana Amiri, 16
Herat Province, Afghanistan;
Ritsona Refugee Camp, Greece

About the Project

There are millions of children affected by war, social collapse, and climate change now living in refugee camps, or dispersed in host countries far from their original homes. The work that appears here is a part of Stone Soup’s growing collection of creative expression by young people whose lives have been upended by such conflict throughout the world. To explore the entire collection, please visit the Stone Soup Refugee Project online: https://stonesoup.com/refugee-project/