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No more than
one soul

Scattered the
Just one

No more than
one has
been found
On search
for more

Just one mind
Compared to
the nights’
thousand minds

Every light a soul
and a mind a

I don’t have
more than

I don’t have
more than
one mouth,
one mind,
one soul

Some have
many I see
They walk along

To themselves
And asking
In the reflection
Of the lake
“How do I look?”
They wait for an answer
“Perfect as always”
They walk with
Their many minds
And a thousand eyes
Holding a
Thousand souls
While I walk
With one
One soul
One mind
One heart
One set of eyes
One only
Just one.

Analise Braddock
Analise Braddock, 10
Katonah, NY