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Oil pastel

Additional Resources

Author Interview
Summary & Analysis
Discussion Questions

Author Interview

What inspired you to paint this piece?
I was inspired to create this piece because I wanted to try out a new medium along with a more colorful way to express myself. I normally use color pencil, so going out of my comfort zone to explore something new was quite fascinating.

Can you share more about your creative process? How did you make this?
This drawing took me about five or four days to create, mostly because I get distracted very easily. To be honest, I decided to go with the flow, and choose what color pleases me the most at the moment.

What’s your favorite single poem, short story, or piece of art? Why?
I have multiple favorite art works, but I especially enjoy most impressionistic pieces—for example, pointillism, and a few of Paul Signac's landscapes.

What advice do you have for any young writers or artists hoping to be published in Stone Soup
I am not the best at giving advice, but I believe the best part of publishing is being able to showcase what's truly unique to you and share it with other people.

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Summary & Analysis

“Lazy Cat” is an oil and pastel painting by Tutu Lin, age 13. This painter uses warm and cool colors in what could be considered an Impressionist style similar to the artist Paul Cezanne. The cat is the focal point of this painting—it is centered in the composition, lounging on what looks to be a blanket. A distinct black line separates the cat from the blanket and this line emphasizes the cat as the center of attention. The cat is stark white in the center of these gemstone shapes.

Why does a painter use cool or warm colors? Warm colors (such as red or yellow) can bring warmth, coziness, or happiness to a painting, and cool colors (blue or green) can bring coolness, fear, sadness, or wistfulness to a painting. As a person, you might be drawn to warm or cool colors depending on your own mood. Here, the lazy cat is generally depicted with warm colors, and the blankets contain both warm and cool colors. The use of oil paint creates texture on the painting, almost bringing the image to life. Our fingers could probably feel this sensation if we were allowed to touch it. Viewers are particularly drawn to the oil texture of the black, blue, pink, gray, and purple section directly under the cat. Lin seems to “pop out” this section. Wouldn’t we love to be this lazy cat on her comfy blanket?

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Discussion Questions

  • Why might some painters use geometric shapes or wild brush strokes to create an image instead of painting a realistic, almost photo-like image?
  • This painting contains a lot of depth. Viewers can see the environment of the cat very clearly. What are some painting techniques that create depth in Lin’s work? How do light and dark colors work hand in hand in this painting?

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