Letters to the Editor

 /   /  By Emma Birches
Stone Soup Magazine
November 2018

Here are two letters we received from readers during the summer of 2018.

Dear Emma Wood, Stone Soup Editor,

I really appreciate all of the creativity and talent that is exemplified within the originality of Stone Soup. From my personal opinion as a reader, I am truly grateful for all of the work that you publish. Your magazine is the rare link between the youth of this country and literacy, which can inspire them as writers and artists. Because of its reliability and character, Stone Soup is definitely an essential resource for students, parents, and teachers alike. I am so grateful for all of the stories that this magazine has shared and which I carry with me. It was such a gift to take in the words other young authors wrote. I am also grateful that this magazine continually produces artwork that continues to inspire and push me to become a more creative and motivated version of myself. You continually show children different perspectives of the world, which is such a difficult thing to do, and your grasp and influence is so far.

Thank you for continuing to promote young creators; it is such a gift.

Kendall Vanderwouw, 13
Nevada City, CA

*          *          *

Dear Stone Soup,

Recently, my teacher introduced my class to Stone Soup. After reading the book reviews, I submitted one. Sadly, it was not accepted. Now I think I will write a letter to you guys about Stone Soup.

I really like your website. I am on it at least five times a week. I love reading book reviews and poems. My classmate’s book review on Moo caught my eye. After a while, you guys published it. I am almost done with 5th grade. I think you guys should add a section for adults because I love to read adult work, too! I can tell your website is extremely popular because of all the great work on Stone Soup. Personally, if I were to choose one of your awesome poems to include on another website, it would be “What’s inside my messy head?” by Tommy Swartz. Your website is absolutely amazing, all the work you publish. I hope Stone Soup carries on forever!!

Vincent Liu, 11
Manlius, NY

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