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Make the Morning

I want make it be dark

I want it way, way, way dark.

I gonna get bigger, bigger

and the whole world gonna shine

and I gonna be the sun

and there be lines on me

not any head, not any bottom.

I be a face

and I be the dark

and I be the light

and I be the shining

and I be the sun

and shine the people

and they say, there's the sun max,

make the big bird,

and he's gonna ride in the train

and he's gonna hold a little tiny baby,

he plays and frays,

and wash his face,

and plays trucks, and gacks,

and the whole world is proud,

me writing good stories.

I didn't make it up,

it come from the sun.

By James Anatole Lindbloom, 3 1/2 (transcribed by his mother)

Poughkeepsie, New York